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NCI 6910 Multipurpose Container, Food Container, Rectangular Container
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Brand NCI
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-Commonly use in restaurant, cafe & household
-Durable and quality product
-Clear container base for better visibility of contents
-The rectangle-shape, graduated sized container gives you more space in the fridge or cupboard. Organizing your kitchen just got easier

Commonly use in restaurant, café & household for storage purposes.

Better Organization, Better Food Storage Easy-Find Lids snap together and to the bottom of containers to keep your cabinets organized, while helping prevent lost lids and orphaned containers. Square shape maximizes storage capacity while minimizing space. Containers have a super-clarified base so contents can be easily identified. 

Made in Malaysia.

Approx. Size: 260 x 195 x 165 mm

What's in the box

1 x Container