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      Half Boil Egg Maker
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      Wooden Honey Dipper
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      About Us

      Looking for conventional, new and exciting products for your restaurant and foodservice establishment?

      From the front-of-the house to the-back, PINGGAN MANGKUK provides various of products and choices in the business.

      As we know, Foodservices establishment is fast-paced, with no tolerance for "down-time". Thus, it is vital to work with suppliers who can be trusted to deliver quality product precisely. For critical, non-foods supplies like tableware and kitchen equipment, PINGGAN MANGKUK helps the foodservice operators keep their business running smoothly.

      PINGGAN MANGKUK can deliver any restaurant supply imaginable. More importantly, however, is the role our people play in managing your needs by ensuring consistent scheduled deliveries. Besides, we are the wholesaler in household products for the past 20 years. Though the PINGGAN MANGKUK name has only been formed since year 2006. With over 20 years experience, combined with our strategic area of specialization, position PINGGAN MANGKUK to provide foodservice operators with solutions to their most complex requirements.

      In order to serve our customers better, we have decided to implement 4 easy ways for customers to place orders with us.

      4 Ways To Order

      1. Call us at 03 - 6141 6373, 03-9130 0367 or 03-9074 6059

      Our call center staff is available to help you from 10am-6pm Monday through Friday, and 10am to 3pm on Saturday.
      You may call us to check the prices and quantity of existing stocks. Or you may order directly with us over the phone!

      2. Order Online!

      Shop our online catalog for over 1,000 of our stock items.

      3. Order by Mail:

      If you like, simply print your shopping cart or order form before you delete it, and mail to us!

      4. Order by Fax:

      If you like, simply print your shopping cart or order form before you delete it, and fax it to: 03-6140 7918 or 9130 6832