Homelux Deep Grill Pan with Portable Gas Stove HP-9000
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Brand Homelux
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  • Made of 3.0mm aluminium alloy die casting.
  • Easy to Pack The Appliances in The Plastic Carrying Case.
  • New 2 Stage-dual Safety cut Off Controls Cartridge Ejection Mechanism & Gas Flow-Cut Off Mechanism.
  • Stronger Than Usual Portable Gas Stove
  • Automatic Safety Switch
  • Piezo Electric Ignition
  • Gas Passage Cut-Off
  • Gas Leakage Protection Device
  • Individual Control Knob For Maximum Heat Regulation
  • Easy To Carry
  • QC Tested
  • 6 Months Local Supplier Warranty
  • Gas Type : Butane HBG-250 (CRV)
  • Fuel Consumption : 150g/hr
  • Power : 2.1KW
  • Safety Features : Cartridge Ejection & Gas Passage Cut-Off (Double Safety)
  • Weight = 5.80KG
  • Dimension : 46.0cm x 30.0cm x 13.0cm
What's in the box

1 x Grill Pan Cooker