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Deep Iron Wok with Double Handle/ Kuali Besi / 上海特深镬 0614 0615 0616 0617 0618 0620 0622 0624 0626 0628 0630
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Deep Iron Wok
  • Vulnerable to rust (Prevention for rust: Dry it with cloth after washed and brush some cooking oils onto wok surface up and down before keeping into cabinet)
  • Scratch resistant
  • Heavy duty
  • High heat
  • Best wok for frying
  • No risk of toxins
  • Affordable
  • Made of Iron
  • Heavy duty and suitable for all frying purpose in F&B, majority hotels, many restaurants are using it
  • Thickness 1.1mm
  • Come with 2 sided iron handler
  • When you see center of wok became black, it is normal, not to worry.
  • After washed wok, please dry off with dry cloth to avoid rusty (If rusty, you can easily clean off using cooking oil)
  • Sharing from my customer ...Before using these type of wok, user need to season it. 开镬 . once done correctly it will become non-stick and rust proof. the more it season (used over time) the darker it become and turn in to non stick. YouTube can find many tutorial on how to do it. Just my 2 cents
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