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  • Made with 100% commercial-grade split bamboo strips that are gathered and bound at the top
  • Great for cleaning woks, pots, and pans
  • Easily removes stuck on particles without scratching or damaging pots
  • Cleans hot surfaces without melting
  • Does not require soap; effectively preserves a wok's seasoning
  • Vulnerable to rust (Prevention for rust: Dry it with cloth after washed and brush some cooking oils onto wok surface up and down before keeping into cabinet)
  • Scratch resistant
  • Heavy duty
  • High heat
  • Best wok for frying
  • No risk of toxins
  • Affordable
  • Great for stir-fry, ethnic cuisine, or stews
  • Ideal for display cooking
  • Break-resistant, riveted steel handle with a wood extension
  • Sturdy grip handle
  • Great for serving dishes
  • Ideal for restaurant and cafe to serve dishes