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        Stainless Steel Oil Strainer Scoop Colander/ Oil Filter/ Screen Shovel
        • Great for straining fried or boiled foods like meat balls or dumplings
        • Lift & transfer hot food while draining away excess oil & other hot liquids
        • Designed with long handle
        • Keeps your hands away from the heat
        • This square mesh skimmer will withstand heavy duty use
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        BH06-8 Stainless Steel Strainer/ Skimmer
        • Stainless steel perforated design strainer/skimmer
        • Also used for straining water, oil and other liquids
        • Commercial quality can be used in restaurants, food shops, catering halls, etc
        • It is made for deep frying, so the pipe handle will hold up just fine in the hot oil
        • Use for quick straining, skimming and lifting
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        18.8 Stainless Steel Strainer
        • Strianing or draining oil, drips, vege with ease
        • Easy to clean & dishwasher safe
        • Each skimmer is constructed of tough rust-resistant stainless steel
        From RM 7.50
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        Aluminium Strainer
        • Made of Aluminium
        • Wooden handle
        • Easy to drain liquids or strain deep fried food
        From RM 4.90
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        Bamboo Handle Coarse Skimmer/ Noodle Strainer / Spider
        • Wire strainer
        • Cornical spiderweb mesh pattrn trap food but drain grease
        • Great for dumplings, wontons, fried fish, donuts & more
        • Lightweight
        • Prevent soggy food
        • Heat resistant bamboo handle
        From RM 13.90
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        Plastic Handle Stainless Steel Strainer
        • Perfect for everyday boiling or deep frying 
        • Stainless steel wire design to drain liquids quickly
        • Multi-function tools for strianing deep fried in oil, noodle, vegetable after wash and other material from excess liquid
        • Commonly use in home kitchen, restaurant, food stall & more
        From RM 8.00
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        Stainless steel Wire Fine Mesh Oil Strainer
        • Sturdy outer frame & handle
        • Designed with a concve net
        • Used to removing fried or boiled food from hot liquid
        From RM 7.90
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        Wooden Handle Stainless Steel Strainer
        • Made of perforated (18.0) stainless steel
        • Wooden handle
        • Handle large portions of delicious stir fry ingredients
        • Commonly used in restaurant, hotel, catering & more
        From RM 28.90
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