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        917 7"x11" Cast Iron Hot Plate with Wooden Plate and grip, Sizzling Plate, Grill Plate
        • Size of iron plate : L28 cm x W18 cm x H2.5 cm
        • Type of packing : box
        • Withstands high heat
        • Wooden base for convenient serving, keeping hands safe from heat
        • Firm iron holder to hold when hot
        • Apply oil when cleaning to avoid rusting
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        2 in 1 Korean BBQ Pan Grill & Steamboat Combination
        • 2 in 1 BBQ plate & Bowl
        • Compact and portable
        • Cook steamboat and teppanyaki at the same time
        • Stainless steel pot
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        Sizzling Cast Iron Hot Plate, With Wooden Underliner
        • Cast iron hot plate
        • Can be used for cooking directly on stovetops, in ovens.
        • Perfect for creating sizzling bulgogi (Korean marinated beef), gallbi (Korean BBQ short ribs), ddeokbokgi (spicy rice cake), grilled fish, fried rice, Jeon (Korean pancakes), stir-fry, steak, pizza, fajita, omelette, pasta, teriyaki and many more.
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        Round Flat Hot Plate
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        Round Flat Wok
        From RM 145.00
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        Square Flat Wok
        From RM 79.90
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