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Aluminum Thai Style Fish Platter Steamer Rack Steam Fish Set 16inch AA0351
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  • Size : Fish 39cm x 17.5cm +/-
  • Material : Premium Aluminium
  • Shape : Fish
  • Size : Approx. L 16" (40cm)x W 7"(17cm) x H 5" (12cm) 
  • Material : Premium Aluminium
  • Colour : Silver
  • Shape : Fish
  • Serving whole fresh fish, this makes for a wonderful presentation.
  • Place a whole cooked fish in the platter along with greens, herbs and soup base.
  • Place a Sterno canned heat flame below then enjoy eating the fish and soup as it stays steamy hot.
  • Made in Thailand of strong aluminum.
  • Inside the base is a grill/plate to hold the sterno.
What's in the box

1 x Fish Platter with Warmer