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Acrylic Flat Cake Stand with Dome, Stand with Cover, Pedestal Covered dessert display, Gift Boxed
  • Light weigh cake platter with dome
  • This stand is multifuntional and perfect to serve and display cake, dessert and pies.
  • Fitted dome preserves freshness.
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Stainless Steel Chip Scoop French Fries Shovels Popcorn Scoops, Single Handle
  • Serve delicious, buttery popcorn with a speedy popcorn scoop.
  • Made to fill bags, boxes, and bowls in seconds. Comfortably hold the ergonomic, non-slip grip and scoop out treats, quick and simple!
  • Standard size scoop; Approx.22.8cm(L) x 20.5cm (W), a standard restaurant quality and size tool
  • Multipurpose tool to serve popcorn, French fries, ice, candy, desserts, and other dry goods. Great for movie theaters, carnivals, and weddings
  • Made of hardy, corrosion-resistant stainless steel that is dishwasher safe. No flaking, chipping, or discoloring
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Stainless Steel Deep Fryer Basket Detachable Strainer Plastic Handle
  • With plastic handle, high temperature resistant, more safe to use.
  • Crafted from durable stainless steel with easy clean chrome finish.
  • Detachable, it can be detach to clean and with hanging hole ensure convenient storage .
  • Let you cook, boil, or deep fry foods with ease. Suitable for fry chicken, fish, french fries, etc.
  • Great for dinner parties when serving chips, wedges, onion rings, prawns or calamari, etc.
RM  46.90  39.90   15%  
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55ml Stainless Steel Condiment Sauce Cup
  • Made of premium food grade materials, high-quality stainless steel that is reusable. Ideally made for an everyday commercial and home use.
  • It has a smooth surface that resists corrosion makes cleaning easy. That condiments and sauces come right off in the dishwasher. The dip cups are conveniently stackable too for easy space-saving storage!
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Stainless Steel Round Flat Plate
  • Premium food-grade 304 stainless steel which means BPA-FREE and NO TOXINS. 
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use, easy transportation, stackable and storage.
  • Convinient and durable.
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Cast Iron Skillet, Multipurpose use for Home Kitchen or Restaurant
  • Cast iron cookware is less smoother than the non-stick cookware
  • Hand wash before first use and dry immediately; rub with a light coating of vegetable oil after every wash
  • Iron deficiency is fairly common worldwide especially among women so cooking food in a cast iron skillet can increase iron content by as much as 20%
  • Its superior heat retention will keep your mouth watering food warm for a long time
  • Allow cast iron skillet to cool completely before washing them in hot soapy water with a sponge using a regular dish washing liquid soap; it is not dishwasher-safe
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"Lucky Cat" Tabletop Wet Erase Liquid Chalk Board, Menu Display Write-On Board
  • Make everything brighter and better-communicated with this black freestanding chalkboard sign.
  • Ideal for use in classrooms, offices, home bedrooms, and for events like weddings.
  • Approximate Dimensions : 22x39cm
RM  74.90  63.50   15%  
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3 Compartment Tray Holder, Condiment Holder, Food Pan Rack
  • Stainless Steel
  • 3 Compartments
  • Suitable for all types of material food pan
  • Size 1/6
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Stainless steel Tempura Fryer Pot, Mini Deep Fry Pan with Drainer, 8 Inch (20 cm)
  • Mini Japanese Tempura Fryer Pot Is Made Of Stainless Steel, Durable And Retains Heat Well, Ideal For Deep-Frying
  • Stainless steel durable and retains heat well, ideal for deep-frying Ample capacity thanks to squared bottom and generous dept
  • Includes wire rack for draining excess oil from foods Opposed handles and pour spout make for easy cleanup
  • Compatible with any types of fire resource - Gas Stove, IH, Electric Stove.
  • Includes a Oil Dripper/ Drainer that hangs from the pot - Makes the Tempura less oily and more crispy
RM  32.90  27.90   15%  
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Multi Functions Cleaning Service Cart

  • Compact design with 3 Tier Storage Removable Tray
  • Come Together With 5 Multi Purpose Tray
  • Durable and Elegant Design
  • Lockable Wheel Without Hassle
  • Comes With 4 Swivel Castors
  • Suitable For Indoor And Outdoor Use
  • Kitchen, Restaurant, Hotel or Food Court Helper
RM  299.00  229.00   23%  
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3 Tiers  Dining Cart / Plastic Catering Trolley / Serving Trolley / Clearing Trolley (LARGE)
  • 3 Tier Tea/Serving Trolley
  • Perfect for Meals, Plates, Drinks etc - Ideal Serving/Clearing Cart for Home Kitchens, Cafes, Bistros & Restaurants
  • 3 Large Plastic Trays - Aluminium Legs - Large Easy Grip Handles - 4 Non Marking Swivel Castors - Easy to Maneuver - Flat Pack - Requires Some Assembly
  • Dimensions: 81 x 41 x 91cm
RM  319.00  252.00   21%  
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High Pressure 3 Mode Faucet Tap, 360° Swivel Rotation Water Tap Nozzle, Purifier Water Filter
  • Malaysia Seller  
  • Three-speed Tap Water Purifier Kitchen Faucet 
  • Made of high-quality food grade plastic material, not easy aging and very durable
  • Quickfit tap adapter, easy installation on almost any type of tap with a screw thread. Adopts leak-proof technology.
  • Quickfit cartridge, quick, easy and secure filter cartridge replacement.
RM  10.90  8.50   22%  
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Heating Wax 3kg Drum
  • Heating Wax is solidified Wax which burn with bluish yellow flame.
  • Convenient, environmental friendly and economical.
  • Burns odourless and smokeless with non toxic flame.
  • Formulated to produce consistently heat temperature about 210°F (85°C).
  • Ideal for hotels, food caterers and restaurants.
  • With bulk packing in a drum with lid cover, it is possible to use the same drum until its content finish.
  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
RM  30.90  25.00   19%  
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Half Boil Egg Maker
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Wooden Honey Dipper
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